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Shaila Vora is a Specialist in Hearing Aid. Shaila is very charming lady. always smiling. Helpful and perfect on the job. I have been going to her since several years. About a year back. she supplied me units without batteries. Resound company. Keep it for charge at night like mobile. Its very convenient. Shaila gives excellent after sales service. I wish her all the Best. Moti Thadhani. 🕉

Mr. Moti Thadani

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Hearing Aid Centre – Loud & Clear

Hearing Aid Centre Loud & Clear is one of the Reputed and Most Trusted Hearing Aid Clinic in Mumbai for Hearing Aid Fitting, Testing and Repairs.

Loud & Clear Hearing Aid Centre founded in 1977 is owned and operated by Aud. Shaila Vora, Mumbai. Our audiologist are Certified Doctors of Audiology, providing  the best possible hearing healthcare.

We evaluate patients of all ages and accept Medicare and most major insurances. We offer comprehensive hearing and tinnitus evaluations and the latest hearing aid technology and tinnitus treatments.

We also have hearing aid accessories and custom ear products and provide lower cost hearing aids to individuals on a limited budget.

Loud & Clear : Our Services

We offer comprehensive hearing and tinnitus evaluations and the latest hearing aid technology and tinnitus treatments. Our audiologist Shaila Vora is a Certified Doctors of Audiology, providing the best possible hearing healthcare. We also have hearing aid accessories and custom ear products.

Missing Areas Observed During Past 35 Years of Dr. Vora’s Experience In The Field

1. Sooner the better – Do not let auditory cells of your brain become ‘DORMANT’ by ‘un-use’.

2. Two Ears are better than one – Must for better ‘Speech understanding/ clarity’ & 3D of sound.

3. Selection of the instruments – Save yourself from getting dominated by lure of discounts, Doctor Shopping & Heresy.

4. Proper fitting of hearing aid – Right choice of Clinic, Expertise, Rapport with Audiologist.

5. Educating the hearing aid user to have Realistic expectations.

  — FAQ —

Will A Hearing Aid Restore Normal Hearing? 

No, Hearing aids does not restore hearing to normal and may not be as effective in all listening situations such as noisy backgrounds or listening to speech at a distance. It is an aid, a compensation. In more difficult listening situations, a FM system or a similar assistive device may be beneficial.

Myth’s About Hearing Aids?

x. That hearing aids are big and clumsy.

x. That they continuously whistle

x. That they need a remote control as big as those used for TV

x. That they are difficult to operate and maintain

After Fitting An Aid, Is Regular Follow-Up Necessary?

Yes, a follow up is necessary since hearing may change or fluctuate over time. It is important to detect this as early as possible to prevent further loss and to obtain medical treatment if needed. After you have been fitted with your hearing aid it is important to have your hearing re-evaluated on regular basis.  Your hearing aids performance should be tested as well. These evaluations should be done annually or more often if recommended by the Audiologist or Doctor.

Why You Should Wear Hearing Aids in Both Ears?

_1_”One is less than Half”

Contrary to what you may think, one ear working less effectively than the other can have a significant impact on your daily activities. Hearing with one ear is like trying to see with one eye – it’s possible, but not as effective.

_2_”Nature Has A Way With Two”

Like two legs, two wings, and two eyes nature has equipped the animal kingdom with a balanced pair of ears for reasons very important to their existence.

_3_”Now that’s what is called using your head!”

Although our ears are certainly vital, our sense of ‘hearing’ actually occurs in between. Taking the input from both ears, the ‘built – in signal processor’ known as your brain blends these signals into a single sound “picture”. To enjoy true balanced sound perception, BOTH ears must be functioning evenly. Without such equality, our brain presents us with incomplete information. To prevent this, your hearing professional may recommended you to wear two hearing aids. Our two ear working together give us the ability to cut through or isolate one specific sound over others.