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About Audiologist Shaila Vora 

Unlike other ecommerce sites, Loud & Clear Hearing Aid Clinic is run by India’s most reputed Audiologist Shaila Vora. With over 37+ years of experience as a senior practicing audiologist in Mumbai, Mrs. Vora is an expert in Audiogram, Hearing Test, Fitting and Dispensing of Hearing Aids.

Her experience, expertise and goodwill in the field of computerized and digital hearing aid programming are unmatched. We stock hearing aid products from the Top 10 global companies. This in turn will help you wide choice for the precise selection of the hearing instrument which meets your audiogram needs.

What Sets ‘Loud & Clear’ Apart From Others ?

What sets us apart is the fact that as compared to most other clinics and ecommerce sites, Loud & Clear Centre provides a larger selection of hearing instruments.

We offer counselling for apt selection of hearing aids. Additionally, if you require the same model like the one you are currently using, we can program it for you as required.

We provide counselling regarding auditory training for those hearing aid users who have lost habit to focus on sound over time. 

Why You Should Buy From Loud & Clear ?

Why You Should Go To An Audiologist ?

For the very first time in India, hearing aid patients in remote interiors who need good guidance and selection can easily be taken care of through our online or telephonic assistance by medically qualified and clinically trained Audiologists. Gone are the days when hard of hearing individuals had to depend upon Non Audiologists or Sound Technicians to get their Hearing Aid Fitting done.

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