Our Hearing Aid Related Services

1. Hearing Aid Services

    Step 1. Take a Hearing Test – Audiogram
Step 2. Receive Counselling For Hearing Aid Selection
Step 3. Hearing Aid Trial, Fitting & Dispensing
Step 4. Therapy For Improved Listening – After Fitting of Hearing Aid

2. Expert Programming & Fine Tuning of Digital Hearing Aids – All Brands
3. Hearing Aid Repairs & Maintenance
4. Hearing Aid Batteries & Chargers, Remote Control, Bluetooth Accessories, Mic & Multi Mic

Audiogram (Hearing Loss Test) & Hearing Loss Survey


Our licensed and certified hearing expert Audiologist at Loud & Clear Hearing Aid Centre will perform

specialized test to determine the degree of your hearing loss and how hearing aids may help improve your hearing.

Click on the link below to take a Free online diagnostic test, specially created at Loud & Clear for you to understand what kind and degree of hearing loss you may have.
Click on the link below to Learn More about how we do Audiogram test.

Hearing Aid Evaluation And Selection


Our licensed professionals, Audiologist Dr. Vora, will discuss the benefits of hearing aid and show you the many styles, colors and technologies available. You may be able to trydifferent hearing aids in the Centre. Some styles are custom-fit and require impressionsof your ears.


Click on the link below “Learn More” to find out more about evaluation and selection process.  

 Hearing Aid Trial, Fitting & Dispensing


After you have decided upon a hearing aid style, a fitting appointment is next. Your hearing

aids are programmed specifically to your needs. Any adjustments can be made at this time

to make sure the settings and fit are right.

Click on the link below “Learn More” to know how Fitting takes place. You should always get your

Fitting and Audiogram test done from an authorized Audiologist only.

You may also want to take an appointment and get absolutely free of Cost Audiogram Test


Worth Rs. 1500/-. Book Now by clicking on the Link Below

Custom Earmolds And Earplugs


You hear best when your hearing aid fits well. We produce custom-made earmolds

that uniquely fit the contours of your ears, giving you the best sound. Custom earplugs

provide long-lasting comfort and protection and may be for occupational purposes

or home use.

Click on the link below to “Learn More”.

Hearing Aid Repairs & Maintenance

We can make some hearing aid repairs at our office. More serious issues may require repairs by the manufacturer. Our staff will examine your hearing aids to determine any damage and how it may best be fixed.