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What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus comes from the Latin word ‘tiniere’, which means ‘to ring’.  it can refer to a ringing, buzzing, roaring, ticking, or any sort of sound heard by the individual, but with no external source.  Tinnitus can be most annoying and debilitating Experience.


You’re not alone

Over 40 million people in world experience tinnitus.  Current research suggests that the condition can be successfully treated with proper diagnosis and a management strategy that includes ‘Tinnitus masker Hearing Aids’ and counseling.  In some cases, a sound generator, as part of a ‘sound therapy’ approach may offer relief.

Who is affected by Tinnitus?

 Everyone, regardless of their age or hearing status, has experienced tinnitus at some point. Although, tinnitus affects every person differently 70%-80% of people with hearing loss will experience some degree of tinnitus but may not be bothered by it. In 10% of people quality of life gets affected due to severe tinnitus.

What causes Tinnitus?

 Any condition that can affect our ears, hearing, or sense of balance can also cause tinnitus.  Noise exposure is the leading cause of tinnitus.  Over 90% of those with tinnitus have some degree of noise induced hearing loss.

Some known causes of Tinnitus

 1. Exposure to extreme noise levels

2. Sensory neural hearing loss / age-related changes in the inner ear

3. Certain prescription drugs or oto-toxic medications

4. High blood pressure

5. Ear infections

6. Acoustic tumors

7. Cardiovascular disease

8. Can Tinnitus be treated?

Solution & Remedies

 Depending on the cause, it may be possible that tinnitus can be diminished or very seldom eliminated.  If it is a result of permanent hearing loss and there are no underlying medically treatable conditions, the solution will involve managing the tinnitus.  There are various ways to manage tinnitus, such as changes in lifestyle, use of ‘tinnitus masker’ hearing aids and counseling.  Recent research & development in hearing aid industry – indicates that in most cases use of a hearing aids successfully offers relief.

The new generation advance RIC hearing aid technology addresses the issue of tinnitus head on, using patient preferred sound stimulus as masker to neutralize the sound of tinnitus thus providing relief from consistent problem of tinnitus and frustration arising out of tinnitus.

Tinnitus technology in hearing aids come with personalized solutions and flexibility to seamlessly integrate into requirements of treatment strategies. It is equipped to deal with and manage subjective nature of tinnitus. A hearing aid rolled into tinnitus management technology is an excellent solution for those suffering hearing loss with tinnitus.

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